(m) =   verified by o/s map


(p)   =   verified by photograph


(v)   =   verified by site visit / everyday observation


(a)                =   approximation based on surrounding known redevelopment


(e)    =   verified by interview with local trader


A: Northern End of New England Street

Cobbler’s Thumb Public House                   

(v)        Remains intact and unchanged to the present day.

Plans drawn up to change road junction with Old Shoreham Road & proposed demolition of Cobbler’s Thumb Pub in 2004. These plans were dropped and the Pub allowed a 6 month extension of its licence, which seems to have unofficially run up to the present day and beyond.

(m)       Remains intact and unchanged as at 1954


Geo E Richardson Scrap Metal Merchants

(v)        Remains intact and unchanged to the present day

(p)          Site rebuilt in 1965-66

(p)          Site undeveloped but cleared in 1962

(m)         Site occupied by 3 terraced houses up to 1959

(m)         3 terraced houses remain intact in 1923

Tribunal Court Building

(v)       Remains intact and unchanged to the present day, but occupied by Mind charity November 2010

(m)         Tribunal courts building built on northern junction of Boston St & New England Streets between 1969 and 1969

(m)         Road layout of
Boston Street changed in 1966. Northern End removed beyond Cross Street

St. James’s House

(a)          Site rebuilt in 1965-66

(p)          Site cleared in 1961

(m)         Site occupied by terraced housing and part of
Boston Street in 1923

Brewers Painting and Decorating

(v)          Remains unchanged to the present day.

(e)          Building occupied by Focus DIY until 1982 or 83. Focus moved to Sackville Industrial Estate and take over a unit previously owned by Payless DIY.

(a)          Site rebuilt in 1965-66. Car park occupies part of the area of the northern end of
Boston Street.

(p)          Site undeveloped but cleared in 1962

Site occupied by terraced housing in 1954

Church of Christ the King

(v)       Exists as C.C.K. in the present day

(v)         Taken over by C.C.K. in 1994. A new storey is added along with new curved roof

Building owned by Brewers between approx 1980 and 1994

(e)         Building owned by Comet Electrical after moving from warehouse in Blackman Street. Owned by them for 4 years

(e )         Building owned by Westnam Furniture

(e )         Barnes Scrap Metal Merchants move to Shoreham Docks

(e )        Building owned by Barnes Scrap metal Merchant

(m)         Office and car park built on southern end of
Boston Street

(p)          Site cleared and rebuilt 1959-1960

       Site occupied by 8 terraced houses and a public house on the
corner of Cross Street & New England Street up until 1958



B: Fyffe’s Banana Warehouses

John’s Camping 


(v)      OneBrighton site completed 2010

(v/p)      At the present time, OneBrighton, a high-rise development of flats spread over 2 buildings, is being constructed on the site.                                   The date is 30th August 2008

        The majority of the site is awaiting redevelopment in November 2007 
(v)                 A tower block of offices and residential properties is built on the site between early 2006 and summer 2007

(v)                 Site excavated and floor level lowered in late 2005

(v)                 Piles are placed and chalk banks created September 2004

(v)                 Site cleared first half of 2004

(v)                 John’s Camping vacate the premises and move to a new shop at nearby 89 London Road early in 2004 and remain there to the
present day 
(October 2011)

( e )       Johns Camping take over premises in 1977

( e )         Site used as staff canteen for Railway Works staff briefly

( e )         Fyffe’s Bananas move to new premises at Newhaven

Building exists as a warehouse in 1954

(m)               Building exists as a warehouse in 1923, belonging to Fyffe’s

Martha’s Barn Furniture                              

The site is occupied by a development of houses and a
communal garden as at November 2007

Construction of residential properties as part of Citypoint
Redevelopment takes place between January 2006 and July 2007

(p/v)      The site boundary is piled and earth is removed in late 2003 and 2005, lowering the floor of the site.

(p/v)       Construction of Fleet Street, the main access route to the
Station, takes place on the site between early 2004 and 2005

Martha’s Barn Furniture vacate the premises at the end of

(m)               Building exists as a warehouse as far back as 1923, belonging to Fyffe’s Bananas


Clifford’s Auto Factors    

(v)        Site occupied by residential housing and communal garden in November 2007

Redevelopment takes place alongside Martha’s Barn Furniture between late 2003 and 2007

(v)            Site demolished late 2003

Cliffords move to new premises in School Road, Hove in
early 2003

( e )          Cliffords Own the site between 1978 & 2003

(m)                Building existed as a warehouse as far back as 1923, belonging to Fyffe’s Bananas


C: Pay Office and Associated Buildings

Pay Office   

(m/v)    The site is occupied by a triangular tower of flats and offices plus a communal garden In November 2007

(m/v)       construction of tower between 2005 &2007

(m/v)       Site covered by chalk bank during construction of temporary access ramp between summer 2004 and  May 2005

(m/v)       Majority of pay Office demolished in summer 2003, but frontage to New England Street and steps left intact for a
                further 8 months.

(m/p/v)   Works site cleared between 1968 & 1969 and new car park built 1971, leaving footbridge leading to Works as a dead end.

(p/m)       Works buildings extended over Lower Goods Line in 1900’s along with the Pay Office and the Footbridge accessway to The 
                Works Complex.

(m)                There is no record of the Pay Office and Footbridge before 1900. An 1875 map verifies this.