ABOVE: This aerial photo shows the part of the site concerned in this chapter. The Pay Office, footbridge access and staircases can all be seen on the right hand side of the picture. The row of warehouses that run diagonally from middle left to bottom right are those that form the frontage to New York Street (now New England Road). These would have originally been the old Fyffe’s Bananas Warehouses at the time this photo was taken.


The Lower Goods Line can be seen fanning out from under the walkway and into a multitude of sidings. To the immediate left of the footbridge is the southern end of the extension on its piers, built out over the track. Below that, in the far right bottom corner are a few of the houses mentioned elsewhere in this chapter, that were cleared away when New England Street was widened and modernised. The Church of Christ the King (C. C. K.) now stands on this spot.


The curved wall of The Works Buildings beyond the walkway later formed the boundary of the car park before development, leaving the walkway as a precarious dead end for some 20 years before redevelopment. The majority of the sidings in this picture were either fairly accessible or overgrown between 1970 and roughly 2002 and were popular with dog walkers so access was fairly easily gained.


The squat, single storey building just left of the to centre of the picture is where the access ramp to the car park would have curved across the goods line and descended alongside it to the top left of the picture. It is interesting to note that the car-loading ramp in this photo (diagonal wall with white square objects on, centre left) formed the base of a Post Office van parking area for about a decade and a half, prior to redevelopment. The space below the drop and behind the warehouses would later be part of the Clifford’s Auto Factors car park with the wall acting as a divider for the 2 respectively.

ABOVE: This photo shows the site of John's Camping following demolition and is taken from exactly the same angle as the photo below. The little staircase leading up to the pay office survived a little while longer (seen immediatley next to the CCK roof canopy) but has been removed in its entirety since then. At present, a block of flats called OneBrighton is being built here (August 2008) and this building is described in detail elsewhere in this website.

ABOVE & BELOW: John’s Camping from street level in 2003.The wall of Martha’s Barn Furniture can be seen to the left. These buildings were originally Warehouses owned by Fyffes Bananas and were cleared when the site was redeveloped in 2004. At the present time  (August 2008) a high-rise block called OneBrighton is being constructed on this spot. Details of OneBrighton are shown elsewhere on this website.

 ABOVE & BELOW: These two pictures show the Main Entrance to The Works and the Pay Office in 2003, just prior to the site clearance to make way for the New England Quarter and Citypoint redevelopment. John’s Camping can be clearly seen in the foreground, occupying part of the former Fyffe’s Banana Warehouses complex. The photo below is taken from a more elevated position on the staircase of New England House and shows the access staircase in more detail. CCK looms large on the right.

Above: The Pay Office & Works Entrance viewed from the rear. The footbridge was the original access to the Site, crossing the track bed of the Lower Goods Line, underneath. New England House can be seen top right.