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I am constantly finding new photos of the Loco Works and whilst I take great pains to find the owners of the photos I use here and credit them accordingly, there are still some that I cannot yet. If I have used any that happen to belong to you and you spot them, please contact me and let me know, in order to save me any embarassment or litigation! 

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(BELOW): This view shows two boilers fresh from production in the Boiler Shop. This is one area of production that Mr. Stroudley had strong views on and forbid the use of machined rivets in boiler production. He insisted that all boilers be hand assembled and was a firm invigilator when it came to precision work and attention to detail.

Madgewick collection/Ian Allen

(ABOVE): This photo shows the interior of the Wheel Shop. Note that belts drive the machinery from the overhead line shaft. A stationary engine drove these on site.

 Madgewick Collection/Ian Allen

(ABOVE): This photo shows a view down the length of the vast erecting shop.

 Madgewick collection/Ian Allen


(ABOVE): The forest of gas pipes hanging from the roof of the Paint Shop feed burners just below carriage roof level, providing light and also warm updraughts to help the paint dry. A variety of items were painted here including goods stock, horse drawn vehicles and locos.

G.F.Collins collection