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ABOVE: This map shows a simplified layout of Brighton Station, The Locomotive Works and The Goods Yards and their environs as they originally appeared, roughly up until 1971.


(ABOVE): This map shows the position of the MPD & ‘New’ Sheds between the London Main Line (right hand-bottom to top-middle) and the West Coast Line (bottom-right to left-middle). Note the coaling area and turntable (top left) and the store building to their left. While the area was cleared in the 1960s and 1970s to make way for the Combined Engineering Depot, the store building has survived to the present day. Ordinance Survey Publications

(ABOVE): This diagram shows Brighton Station (centre right), Motive power depot (carriage and loco sheds in centre, at the bottom), The Works and The Lower Goods Yard (described in detail later). (This image has been manipulated for clarity and stretched vertically, but is otherwise to scale and illustrates the size of The Works well, the site covering some 9 acres in total). This view dates from 1875 and changed little until the end of the steam era. B.K.Cooper / Ian Allen

(ABOVE): This map shows The Lower Yard at its zenith. Whilst the track on the site was mostly removed just after the car park was built, some parts such as the Fyffe’s Banana stores, coal office, car loading ramp and the motor vehicle maintenance offices (bottom right); remained intact until the current site regeneration. The latter are still in use in the present day, albeit as general offices. Note that New York Street (top left)  became New England Street in later years. The footbridge (middle left hand side) was demolished last year (2005) as part of the site regeneration and is now at the corner of the road junction with Stroudley Road. At the present time (5th June 2006), a revised site map was not available as the site is under construction and the plans are still rare and unobtainable. B.K.Cooper