ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: These two photos show the site of The Cycle Hub in 1962 and 2015, respectively. I like the way that the layout of the blue walkways in the modern day photo somehow alude to the pointwork of the track seen in the old photo. Note that the porte cochere over platform 10 (the present day Drop-off Point) can be seen as a common link between the 2 photos, albeit devoid of its trackwork in the modern photo.

I am very grateful to Mr. Paul Edwards for allowing me to use this photo from his fantastic Brighton Motive Power Depots website.

BELOW LEFT: This photo shows a rather sad view of platform 11 (latterly the Drop-off point and site of the Cycle Hub) in around 1980. The trackwork has been removed, but the platform is still there. This photo is owned by Mr. Farid Ullah and appears on the My Brighton & Hove website. The original page and photo can be seen HERE

BELOW: The steel framework of The Cycle Hub, looking East from what was once Platform 10 of Brighton Station, in August or September 2014.

ABOVE: This view was taken from Fleet Street, just up from Sainsburys on 2nd October 2014 and shows the blockwork beginning to infill the steel framework of the building. The structure to the right will be a lift and it is worth remembering that the whole of the station and the original goods yard were built on (and cut into, respectively) a plateau on the hillside. The steepness of the site can be clearly seen in this photo as well as necessitating the need for some hefty stairways and a lift!

ABOVE: The framework is completed and the main nucleus of the building is enclosed and brickwork complete. Work has commenced on cladding the framework at the Northern end of the building.

ABOVE: Looking South-east from what was Platform 10 and what is the Drop-off point in the present day (the Kemptown Branch Platform), the building nears completion.

ABOVE: The site of The Cycle Hub, nearing completion in March 2015, looking roughly South towards Trafalgar Street and Brighton Seafront. This photo is taken from the vantage point of the southern end of the upper deck of the car park. The buildings are (from left to right): SuperB, Mocatta House, Cycle Hub, Brighton Station Drop-off point.

ABOVE: The finished article: The Cycle Hub stands complete on the 20th April 2015. It is worth noting the lack of windows or detail from this angle - it is probably because once the Oasis Hotel has been built in the space in the foreground, there will not really be a great deal to look out over.