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10/10/21 09:08

ABOVE: This image shows the site of what will one day become The Jury's Inn Hotel in late 2003. The site has been cleared of all traces of the original structures and the old footbridge entrance to the Loco Works which previously stood just to the east of this spot. A large chunk of the 1970's car park was torn up at this time and vast amounts of chalk and earth were moved around to form a series of plateaus, separated by a zigzag of roads that we see as the basis of the site in the present day. The area on which Jury's Inn is built is steeply banked to the eastern and southern sides, not clearly visible in this photo at this early stage. Much is still to do at this stage and it is difficult to determine how any semblance of order that we know on the site today could be extracted from the chalky quagmire seen here. The view is looking roughly north / north-east and was taken on my first ever camera-phone at the time, which had an amazing 1 megapixel camera, so is a little unclear.

ABOVE: Whilst not the clearest of photos, this view is quite important, as it shows the steep bank on which the Jury's Inn Hotel is constructed. It is visible here just above the two white tower cranes in the centre of the photo, with the bank itself slightly above the left hand one of the two cranes. 


ABOVE: As the framework for Bellerby's College is gradually erected, the earth-moving for the site of The Jury's Inn Hotel commences (on the left of this photo). Image owned by Mark Wordy. 

ABOVE & BELOW: The Jury's Inn Hotel is seen here under construction on the left.